• Aquaventures Baltimore ireland

Aquaventures, Baltimore/2.00pm/€40.00

This season has seen the most spectacular sea life in the waters off Baltimore -  basking sharks, minke whales, dolphins and during the festival (September) is when the giant fin whales – the second largest animal on earth – come to West Cork.  Acrobatic humpback whales can often be seen cavortingin the ocean.  Several kinds of dolphin, some of which perform spontaneous airborne displays alongside the moving boat, are regularly seen on these boat trips.  Aquaventures will take you on a memorable trip out into the Atlantic, leaving from the sheltered harbour of Baltimore, where perhaps you might see a giant basking shark swimming lazily along the shoreline,  or catch a glimpse of an ocean sunfish fin or blue shark cutting the surface. 

Booking essential:  028 20511 or 087 796 1456