Riverside Cafe, Skibbereen 7.30PM | €12  | BOOKING ESSENTIAL | 028 40090

Theatre Tapas  is a unique theatre evening offering  a ‘menu’ of various pieces of drama from monologues to  poems to short stories to familiar Shakespearean scenes or sonnets.  The audience (seated  at  individual restaurant tables), order their specially  selected  theatrical scenes or poems from the ‘menu’ for a performance at their table.  A ‘waitress’ takes the theatrical order,  performers  go to the table  and  give a private performance of the requested piece.  This is taking place while other tables  in the restaurant are watching other specially ‘ordered’ menu pieces.   The audience have a chance to experience many varying styles and themes in one evening,  anything from Shakespeare to Roald Dahl could be on the menu. Riverside Cafe will provide tapas snacks for ‘theatre goers’ on the night